[OpenAFS] Version of du that doesn't traverse AFS mount points?

Sean O'Malley omalleys@msu.edu
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 10:54:47 -0400 (EDT)

just to get out of a pinch, you could start with fsr since that has the
logic to not traverse mount points. Then add du functionality to it.

Although that might be more of a PITA then just writing a recursive call
that does it the right way. *shrugs*

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) wrote:

> In message <db6e3f110808270545k5becf9a4q1b92e6a1fb12cbd@mail.gmail.com>,"Derric
> k Brashear" writes:
> >>> i have an interesting idea.  on linux this would be pretty easy.
> >>> after generic_fill_attr() we could encode the volumeid in the i_dev
> >>> field instead of the s_dev field from the superblock.  this should make
> >>> this work.  i cant think of anything it would break.
> >>
> >> Unless I'm missing something, this breaks anything that relies on stat's
> >> st_dev field to determine whether a file is in AFS or not. Filedrawers is
> >> one example, and I'm sure there are others.
> >
> >I wanted to do something like this to make Finder happy on MacOS; The
> >side effects get exciting. I might have notes somewhere. I recommend
> >against it.
> ok.  however, suppose you wanted to add a flag to du that says means
> don't traverse mount points however, you arent interested in the pile
> of afs libraries you would need to do this 'correctly'.  how about
> we sneak the volume id in the st_rdev field?  this would make it
> easier for someone to write the utility since they would only need
> the existing to use the stat() syscall.
> i dont think st_rdev has a posix defined meaning.
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