[OpenAFS] Re: [XPost] some informations about JAFS

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Thu, 07 Feb 2008 10:25:57 -0800

"Alessio Rocchi" <alexrocchi@gmail.com> writes:
> - What is the project status? Is it up-to date? is it stable? Is it actively
> maintained?

Not really.

> - Are the results provided by it reliable?

I've found the libadmin portion -- the portion that emulates the
"vos/pts" command suite -- appears to work.  I haven't had much luck
with the libjuafs portion -- the part that lets you actually
read/write files and manipulate ACLs.

> - I already tried to compile it, and i saw that it's not working well with
> jdk>1.4 (but it's not a big issue).

I posted a patch to openafs-devel that fixes this issue.

> Is there any plan to make it compatible with the newer versions of
> the jvm?

At this point the JVM isn't the issue; my patch should resolve all
those problems.

  - a