[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on windows - profile in AFS, who uses it?

Anders Magnusson ragge@dc.ltu.se
Sun, 10 Feb 2008 13:29:45 +0100

Lars Schimmer skrev:
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> Lars Schimmer wrote:
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>> HI!
>> Just out of interest:
>> which site (beside our cell) is using OpenAFS as filestore for Windows
>> Profile and customers working on this?
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> Good to see we are not the only cell working with profiles in AFS space.
> We use 1.4.6 linux servers, Win XP SP2 and at least 1.5.27 OpenAFS
> Windows clients.
> So far it works mostly.
> Biggest problems:
> 1. slowness - Users reports of LONG loading times for 400-1000 MB
> roaming profiles, up to 20 minutes
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Hm, IMHO you may consider redirecting parts of the roaming profile if=20
you have
that size of the profile. Also, be sure you tweak the size of the local=20
cache, we tested
with 300MB in profiles (16000 files) and it was really slow if we did=20
not increase the
cache sizes to be larger than that.  After that the login times were=20

-- Ragge

> 2. as in computergraphic, we handle 10-400 MB models with our programs.
> Getting this via the fileserver at 5-6 MB/sec is kinda slow.
> The cache on AFS is written as a single file, I would prefer a partitio=
> as it can't be defragmented
> 3. reliability - some days windows hit a error while saving the profile
> and no "readable" info could be found - I assume mostly unicode problem=
> 4. the context menu - nearly all workstations has it disabled as it
> "send the explorer into a timeout" - from 1.5.x on til now for the most
> active win users the context menu is a problem - right click on a file
> OUT of AFS space keep the system freeze for ~60 sec til the context men=
> appears. For files in AFS space it appears direct. Til yet I haven't
> found any solution why it freezes, as in all my test accounts it just
> doesn't appear, even on workstations on which the other users have that
> problem
> 5. Office - haven't tested with latest OpenAFS, but nearly 1 year ago
> one workstation had big problems with office files in AFS space -
> read/write a file to AFS freezed the machine for 1-2 minutes, even with
> debugging on we could only say "openAFS works correct".
> We only got 5-10 people working every day with windows roaming profile
> in AFS space, maybe this list seems to be harsh, but thats just
> collected issues/probs/wishes from 2 years practise.
> Some can't be solved, e.g. speed of network.
> I just want to know if these problems are problems to the others or if
> these are not known so far...
> (and yes, I know some parts are solved IF the new binding of OpenAFS as
> a native Windows drive is ready)
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer
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