[OpenAFS] byte-level incremental backups using "full+reverse delta"

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:40:58 -0500

Stephen Joyce wrote:
> These contributions are appreciated, especially if someone can use them.
> But anytime you send something like this to a list or put it on the
> web, it's a very good idea to state the license terms in the script,
> or at least in the accompanying message. Unless you release your work
> into the public domain or under an open license, some people may
> hesitate to use it and may not know whether or not they can
> re-distribute your work, and if so under what conditions.
> I recommend http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html :-)

I'd like to recommend something without starting licensing holy war, if
that's possible ;-) . If you would like your script to be included in
OpenAFS, then BSD or MIT might be a better choice because it's
compatible with the IBM Public license. For my own stuff that doesn't
touch AFS, I use the GPL, but for anything AFS-related, I use BSD just
to avoid licensing conflicts.

I mean, I've contributed my own AFS man page contributions under the