[OpenAFS] Perl-AFS with OpenAFS >1.4.4

Wolfgang.Friebel@desy.de Wolfgang.Friebel@desy.de
Tue, 12 Feb 2008 14:29:39 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008, Ken Dreyer wrote:

> I'm using the Perl bindings for AFS from CPAN, and I noticed that
> "make test" fails when compiling against newer versions of OpenAFS.
> Version 1.4.4 was the last version I could get to work.
> So I made the following changes, and now the module works. The point
> of this email is to to see if anyone else has dealt with this problem,
> or to check with someone who knows C (or libafsrpc) to see if this is
> the "correct" way to make this work.
A few days ago I did precisely the same change for openafs 1.4.6
(well, instead of #include <afs/com_err.h> I declared afs_error_message 
directly). Having looked into the XS code it seems to me the correct
way of solving this issue.

And by the way, if you manage to translate all the openafs C files using 
-fPIC on 64 bit platforms that go into .a libraries then the perl AFS 
module can be built also on those systems. I did it and it seems to work 
well (no extensive tests done yet)

By getting XCFLAGS to contain -fPIC in src/config/Makefile.config
in the openafs tree this can be achieved. Modifying the other vars apart 
from CFLAGS such as MT_CFLAGS and COMMON_CFLAGS might be required as well
(I had set them, but this alone was not enough).

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