[OpenAFS] Perl-AFS with OpenAFS >1.4.4

Norbert Gruener nog@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 11:42:38 +0100

Hi Ken,

On Tue, Feb 12 2008, Ken Dreyer wrote:
> I'm using the Perl bindings for AFS from CPAN, and I noticed that
> "make test" fails when compiling against newer versions of OpenAFS.
> Version 1.4.4 was the last version I could get to work.
> So I made the following changes, and now the module works. The point
> of this email is to to see if anyone else has dealt with this problem,
> or to check with someone who knows C (or libafsrpc) to see if this is
> the "correct" way to make this work.

it's nearly "correct"   :-))

There are two possibilities to correct the AFS.xs source.  If you do
it "your way" you don't have to include the line

   #include <afs/com_err.h>

(see your patch here)

> --- src/AFS.xs.orig 2008-02-11 18:32:23.354866000 -0500
> +++ src/AFS.xs  2008-02-11 19:48:29.984554000 -0500
> @@ -87,6 +87,7 @@
>  #include <afs/bosint.h>
>  #include <afs/bnode.h>
>  #include <afs/ktime.h>
> +#include <afs/com_err.h>
>  #include <des.h>
>  #include <afs/volint.h>

This include is not necessary if you change the other pieces.  All the
other changes are fine. 

I will prepare a more general patch during the day.  If you are
interested just let me know.

As I told you by private email, I will release a new version
containing all patches of the last couple of months the in the near
future anyway.


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