[OpenAFS] kmod-openafs versioning on RHEL5

Darren Patterson darren.patterson@stanford.edu
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:49:48 -0800

After building new kmod packages for the latest RHEL5 kernel I 
discovered that rpm is very unhappy with the naming convention.  Yum 
refuses to install the package claiming that 
kmod-openafs-1.4.5- is newer than 
kmod-openafs-1.4.5-  To install this package I have 
to use rpm with "--force".

Red Hat updates their kernels in the above fashion regularly so I 
anticipate this problem will continue to crop up in the not too distant 

Before I create my own SRPM to work around this issue, are there plans 
to deal with this?

Thanks for your time,