[OpenAFS] Question about GCPAGs

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:17:33 -0800

Hi, All,
   I'm attempting to make sure that my PAGs get garbage collected,
so I don't have issues with running out on my ftp server.
It seems that after I set /proc/sys/afs/GCPAGs to 1, it's
being reset to 8 after a period of time. I'm guessing it's
this piece of code in afs_user.c:afs_GCPAGs() :

     /* If there is an internal problem and afs_GCPAGs_perproc_func()
      * does not get called, disable gcpags so that we do not
      * accidentally expire all the tokens in the system.
     if (afs_gcpags == AFS_GCPAGS_OK && !afs_GCPAGs_perproc_count) {
         afs_gcpags = AFS_GCPAGS_EPROCWALK;

It's not clear to me under what conditions this gets triggered..
i.e. why is afs_GCPAGs_perproc_func() not getting called?
What might the "internal problem" be that the writer had in mind?

Is there a known solution to the issue? I found a prior email on
the subject in the archives from last year, but there didn't
seem to be any response.

Thanks in advance,