[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Quotas

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Mon, 03 Nov 2008 17:38:06 -0800

"Esther Filderman" <mizmoose@gmail.com> writes:

> That said, when a partition on a server gets full, moving volumes off of
> it becomes a minor nightmare.  Generally to make a clean move, you need
> to be able to make a copy, and without that room, the move can't happen.
> (To make a move, it's basically done by locking the volume, making a
> copy, releasing the lock [so the user sees little "down" time], dumping
> the copy to the new location, re-locking the volume, doing an
> incremental copy [if needed] and unlocking and dumping that, then
> bringing the new volume online & telling things that the location of the
> volume has changed.)

If you routinely run vos backupsys on all of your servers, you can usually
recover enough space to make a volume clone by running vos backup on one
of the volumes that's had some changes and freeing up the extra space
taken by the old clone.  Provided that you don't mind losing the old
clone, that is.

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