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Hi All,

There hasn't been much discussion that I've noticed on-list
regarding support for/objections to the proposed technical advisory
council mentioned in Derrick's document.

There have been a number of such discussions with a subset of active
OpenAFS developers participating, and to my knowledge, there is
generally consensus (I include myself) that we would support the concept
in some form, and would plan to participate.

I think there are some open issues in the foundation space relating to
the TAC, and final details of what will really exist, and exactly when
the foundation will begin to exist formally.  With regard to the TAC
specifically, there seems to be an open question about how many seats it
will have, eligibility/karma required to sit, and how the number of
seats allocated to community members (which I believe would include all
people I know to be probably interested in participating) would relate
to seats allocated to corporate or sponsor members.

So I'm highlighting those items for further discussion.

I'd say for myself that if this is the way the community plans to move
forward, that it might not be a bad idea for the community to simply get
started organizing an informal proto-TAC and see what issues it's going
to present, and what opportunities it may offer.


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