[OpenAFS] Re: Proto-TAC

Evan Macbeth emacbeth@sinenomine.net
Thu, 06 Nov 2008 09:10:31 -0500


Absolutely and understood. I wasn't talking about replacing anything already
in place or the community! I was simply supporting moving the TAC from
"idea" to "implementation."

It is my understanding the questions and architecture issues are already in
discussion and being written up as the current process recommends.

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On 11/6/08 9:07 AM, "Jeffrey Altman" <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com> wrote:

> Speaking as a gatekeeper:
> If there are AFS3 protocol changes that you or your colleagues would
> like to propose, write them up in the form of an Internet Draft and
> submit them to AFS3 Standardization.
> If there are architectural changes you would like to propose for
> the OpenAFS code base, write up an architectural design document
> and send it to openafs-devel@openafS.org so that the community
> can discuss it and the gatekeepers can provide feedback.
> The technical advisory council will be a subset of the community
> that will speak for the community.  However, it will never replace
> the community.  Until it exists, I recommend using the mechanisms
> that are already in place.
> Jeffrey Altman