[OpenAFS] Opneafs in solaris 9 containers

Måns Nilsson mansaxel@besserwisser.org
Thu, 06 Nov 2008 16:35:57 +0100

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--On torsdag, torsdag 6 nov 2008 08.57.44 -0600 "Douglas E. Engert"
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> Andersson, Johan wrote:
>>         Hi
>>         We have problem to use AFS in solaris 9 conatiners , the host
>>         selix036 is standard solaris 9 server and selix030lte04 is
>>         solaris 9 container..
> What do uname -a and fs sysname show on each container and on the server?
> I see sun4x_510 in one of the paths. Is the server Solaris 10?
> I don't know much about containers, but with Solaris 10 zones,
> there is only one kernel, and that is where the AFS cache manager runs
> and that is where the @sys is mapped to the sysname, usually sun4x_510.

container ~ zone -- it is mostly marketing confusion.=20

However, a Sol9 (or 8) container is a Sol10 zone that tries to look like a
Sol9 actual host. uname -r etc answer differently, and there is an
emulation layer in libs etc to keep the illusion up.=20

Your assumptions are correct.=20

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