[OpenAFS] Weird conflict between openafs kernel module and nvidia driver on Ubuntu

Karl M. Davis Karl.Davis@ridgetopgroup.com
Fri, 7 Nov 2008 21:57:40 -0700

Interesting.  I reverted back to the "OPTIONS=3DAUTOMATIC" and I=20=
no longer get the X Server error with the openafs kernel module i=
nstalled.  I do have plenty of RAM, though: about 1.25GB (with al=
most a GB free).

The settings mentioned earlier cause no such problems on my Hardy=
 machines, though-- I have a laptop still running it with those s=
ettings right now, in fact.

Thanks very much for the help!  If I have some time this weekend,=
 I'll play around with the settings some more and see if switchin=
g I can verify which one of them was causing the error.


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Karl M. Davis <Karl.Davis@ridgetopgroup.com> wrote:
> As part of my standard setup, I've been editing /etc/openafs/af=
> <<
> ...
> OPTIONS=3D"-chunksize 20 -memcache -blocks 65536"
> Is that not legit?  Can't recall where I was told to do that, b=
ut I'm
> guessing it was likely someone in the IRC channel.

It was probably me that suggested that.  I run several machines t=
way.  Does it not work for you?

How much RAM do you have on this machine though?  The -blocks 655=
requires 64MB of memory (possibly a continuous chunk.)

Or, switch to the on-disk cache and see if the problem goes away.=


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