[OpenAFS] newbie questions

Papp Tamás tompos@martos.bme.hu
Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:18:02 +0100

hi all,

I'm sorry if this email contains too simple questions and problems. I'm 
a really newbie to openafs and it was a hard work to be here with afs 
setup, it's a bit strange to me.

I've made a test setup using this howto: 
https://cs.stanford.edu/wiki/csdcf/Projects/KerberosAFS (+ howto from 
openafs.org, and many many fight with the setup).
The system is based CentOS 5.2 + official 1.4.7 rpms.

- there is admin user
- there is test user
- there is one partition, which is the root.cell and root.afs (do I say 
well, are them same?)
- I can connect with windows client

Here are the problems:

1. windows client is mapping a drive, I can write is, but it's so slow, 
it's started with ~4 MByte/s and ended with ~11Mbyte/s (~100 Mbit/s). Is 
there any limit or something like that?

2. How can I add a new partition to the cluster for extending the 
storage size? I gues it should be mounted on /vicepa, it's done.

3. What happens, if the somehow one of partitions disappears (eg. hdd 
get wrong, like a node server),l what is the right protocoll in this 
case, is there more possibilities? Did I miss something is the docs?

4. Is there any piossbility to replicate meta data's (root.afs?), and 
also is there any failover solution about it? I'm sorry, I'm working 
only with Lustre, I know only its terminology.

Thank you,