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Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:05:29 +0100

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Christof Hanke wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 November 2008 13:42:29 Papp Tam=E1s wrote:
>> Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>>> Try this:
>>> 1. install new drive
>>> 2. partition & mkfs on new drive
>>> 3. mount new partition as /vicepb
>>> 4. bos restart -server my.server.name -all
>>> 5. vos partinfo -server my.server.name   # should show vicepb now
>>> 6. vos create -server  my.server.name -part b -name my.volume --maxqu=
>>> 1000 -verbose
>>> step 6 is optional. vos create or vos move should honor the new drive
>>> now.
>> This is almost exactly what I'm looking for. What I want to no is to
>> extend an existing volume.
>> The size of the volume called for example 'files.projects' is now 10 G=
>> And I want to expand it to 20 GB with an other partition (right now in
>> this test setup it's an other partition, but it would be an other
>> server's partition).
> Sorry you can't do that.=20
> A volume is always completely on one partition on the server.
> If your server partition is to small you need to move it to a bigger on=

I think I need to add some more facts:
1. max. number of files in a directory on AFS space is limited by the
length of filenames - usually aound 50k (max. 64k files with max. 8
bytes long filename, 32k files with 9-16 bytes,...)
2. max 255 partition for one fileserver
3. max 255 fileservers for a cell
4. max size 2 TB for a (partition ?)volume

looks like you can create a lot of volumes (volume name is limited to 22
chars) and mount them whereever you want into AFS space.
E.G. you can resist your home directory in one volume and limit the size
of that volume to 30 GB, but you are also able to create another volume,
eg user.abc.data, mount it under your home directoy as data and put your
20 GB data in it and limit the rest of your home to 10 GB.
As nearly ALL operands are atomar to the volumes (backup, to), it is
easier to limit the size of volumes and create more.

> Once you have enough space on on the server partition , you extend a vo=
lume =20
> by the  "fs setquota" command.

The max size of a volume is the max available space on the partition,
the volume resists on.
If you move a volume from one fileserver to another, the user ususal
does not notice it, as the volume is "down" for a few seconds only
(although copy of data could take up some hours).

> T/Christof

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