[OpenAFS] newbie questions

Papp Tamás tompos@martos.bme.hu
Thu, 13 Nov 2008 10:07:16 +0100

Jason Edgecombe wrote:
> please give us more information about what you would like to accomplish.

Well, OK, but I'm sure, AFS is not for me.

There are a relatively small cluster, it's aroung ~10TB right now. It 
has many type of directories, Some of them are static, they have only a 
few changes, and also they are smalls one. And there are a Projects 
directory with more directorries. These are the big ones and these can 
grow up to the size 4-5-6 TB. Unfortunately I cannot split them to 
different partitions (volumes) because I don't know, which part of it 
will grow up.

So AFS would be great, but at least it should handle bigger volumes than 
2 TB.

The advantage over Lustre will be the native Windows client (although I 
still cannot disable crypt to speed up it) and kernel doesn't need any 
3rd party patch.

Lustre is fast, but for us it's too fast and not so flexible as we would 
like to see it.

Thanks for all,