[OpenAFS] linux kernel error: afs_get_hash_stats

Ben Poliakoff benp@reed.edu
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:12:39 -0800

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* Harald Barth <haba@kth.se> [20081120 05:35]:
> >     afs_get_hash_stats: Warning! exceeded max bucket len 36
> > kernel is 2.6.18-6-amd64
> > openafs client version is 1.4.2-6etch1 (it's a debian box)
> > Does this ring any bells for anyone?
> Yes. I think we had/have that, too. I don't think I ever got an answer
> why, but I think "upgrade to at least 1.4.7 or why not 1.4.8 now" is a
> solution.

Conveniently (or not!) the box crashed with OOM errors last night, so I
had the opportunity to upgrade openafs to 1.4.6 (a backported package
that happened to be readily available at the time that I brought the
machine back up).  I'll plan a further upgrade to 1.4.8 soon.

Thanks for your advice.


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