[OpenAFS] configuring largefile server

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 10:06:41 -0400


I don't think it defaults to building the largefile-fileserver.  I had a 
user that could not 'cat' two files together making a single file of 
over 3GB, with my build of OpenAFS-1.4.6.  I then built 1.4.7, and 
specified  --enable-largefile-fileserver.  Now I can 'cat' those files 

Here's my section of the openafs.spec file, and the resulting config.log.

config_opts="--enable-redhat-buildsys \
         %{?_with_bitmap_later:--enable-bitmap-later} \
         %{?_with_bos_restricted:--enable-bos-restricted-mode} \
         %{?_with_fast_restart:--enable-fast-restart} \
         %{?_with_largefiles:--enable-largefile-fileserver} \
         %{?_with_supergroups:--enable-supergroups} \
         --enable-fast-restart \
         --enable-largefile-fileserver \
         --enable-largefiles \

  $ ./configure --with-afs-sysname=i386_linux26 --prefix=/usr 
--bindir=/usr/bin --sbindir=/usr/sbin --disable-strip-binaries 
/usr/kerberos/bin/krb5-config --enable-redhat-buildsys 
--enable-fast-restart --e
nable-largefile-fileserver --enable-largefiles --enable-transarc-paths

Derrick Brashear wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 11:03 AM, Andrew Bacchi <bacchi@rpi.edu> wrote:
>> I've built openafs using the SRPM for openafs-1.4.6 on Redhat ES4.  The
>> openafs.spec file specifies config_opts as --enable-redhat-buildsys, which
>> includes and should build a largefile-fileserver.  Correct?
>> My config.log file confirms I'm building with --enable-redhat-buildsys.
>> Do I need to explicitly use --enable-largefile-fileserver?
> No.
> Defaults to on since 1.4.2.
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