[OpenAFS] Unix Systems Programmer position at End Point

Steven Jenkins steven.jenkins@gmail.com
Wed, 22 Oct 2008 21:53:11 -0400

The team I work in at End Point Corporation is looking for a strong
self-starter developer with a good Unix systems programming background
to work on the development and maintenance of software for a variety
of projects.

Required skills:
* Strong communication skills and professionalism
* Ability to dive into new technologies and quickly come up to speed
* Strong C & Unix programming experience
* Solid understanding and experience of full product lifecycle
* Solid understanding of TCP/IP
* Familiarity with representative protocols, architectural, and
operational issues in large, distributed systems (e.g., Kerberos, RDBMS,
DNS, LDAP, configuration management, backups, monitoring, etc.)
* Experience with at least two of: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, BSD
* Knowledge of at least one scripting language (awk, Perl, Python, Ruby,

Desired skills:
* Familiarity with distributed and/or clustered filesystems (NFS, AFS,
CIFS, GFS, NAS, etc.)
* Kernel level knowledge and experience with Unix-based systems
* Familiarity with RDBMS internals (e.g., DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, etc.)
* Knowledge of Microsoft Windows internals

Things that will set you apart:
* strong Solaris administration and/or kernel development (dtrace, mdb, ZFS)
* strong skills on non-Linux operating systems
* a passion for analyzing core dumps (especially kernel dumps)
* AFS operational knowledge
* AFS development experience (e.g., prototypes of projects on the OpenAFS
roadmap would be particularly interesting)
* strong experience with configuration management systems (cfengine,
bcfg, lcfg, quattor, Puppet, etc)
* experience in automating virtual environments (e.g., libvirt, VMware
Perl API, etc)

More about the team & our work:
* not a web development position (see End Point's website for those)
* most of our work is currently in C (75%)
* some in Perl and shell (20% -- mostly test scaffolding and
automation, but some CPAN work, too)
* some work in Ruby (5% currently, but varies depending on projects --
note that this is
completely separate from the Ruby on Rails web development that other teams
at End Point do).
* other languages done occasionally (e.g., we've done a bit of Java &
Python over the past year, but
less than 1% of the other coding we've done)
* projects in AFS, PostgreSQL internals, Ruby internals, Varnish,
Quattor, Puppet, OpenSolaris
and various Perl modules on CPAN (and in various Linux distributions)
over the past year.

This is a full-time salaried position with benefits. Employees work
from home offices
in the U.S., or at our office in Manhattan.

Except in exceptional circumstances, applicants must be U.S. citizens
or permanent residents.
Principals only, please.

Please email Steven Jenkins <steven 'at' endpoint.com> with information about
your interest, experience, and qualifications.

Steven Jenkins
End Point Corporation