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Loren M. Lang lorenl@north-winds.org
Thu, 23 Oct 2008 17:05:54 -0700

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I have a dedicated partition for my OpenAFS server mounted at /vicepa
and several volumes on it.  Do I need to make sure that the total of all
the quotas on all my volumes do not exceed my partition size or does
OpenAFS handle a full partition without causing corruption to volumes. =20

Also, how do quotas affect read-only and backup volumes on the same
partition, does the read-only volume inherit it's quota from the RW
volume possibly doubling the space requirements in case the RW version
changes significantly before the next release?

I was experimenting with exceeding the quota on an otherwise empty
volume.  The quota was 1024K.  When I cp /dev/zero to the volume, I
naturally get a Quota exceeded error and the cp fails, however, my
concern is that the resulting file is zero bytes long.  With such a
small quota, I can believe that cp might try to write it all at once and
fail so I tried using dd instead with obs=3D512.  This should ensure that
each write is only 512 bytes long and all but the last write should be
written, however, the file remains at zero bytes and fs quota reports me
at 1%.  I tried using dd to write 512K bytes instead which succeeded and
fs quota reports me at 51% of my quota.  I created a second file with
the same command and it succeeded putting me at 101% of my quota.  At
this point I can't even create files which is expected.  Maybe I am just
hitting a quirk with such a small quota, but I am just concerned that
data is being lost unnecessarily when I hit the quota.
Loren M. Lang

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