[OpenAFS] Integrated logon and locking/unlocking workstatations

Ryan L. Means rmeans@law.berkeley.edu
Thu, 30 Oct 2008 10:54:27 -0700

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Ryan L. Means wrote:
>> Yes, it does allow renewable tickets for up to 7 days. But, it doesn't
>> seem like netmgr is renewing them when the workstation is locked. That
>> would help the problem because then users who never log out would only
>> be prompted every 7 days...
> NetIDMgr doesn't know that the machine is locked.
> It renews the tickets for as long as the KDC will do so.

No, I understand. What I'm saying is that I believe that while the 
workstation is locked, NetIDMgr is not continuing to renew the tickets 
in the background. But, that doesn't make any sense since it's a service 
and doesn't require an interactive session with the desktop. I'll 
explore more thoroughly.