[OpenAFS] afs and samba

George Mamalakis mamalos@eng.auth.gr
Wed, 01 Apr 2009 12:37:44 +0300

Harald Barth wrote:
>> 1) old way use a clear text password from client, this option is
>> disable by default for security reason. If you want use this method
>> you need to set clear text on all your clients
> Sounds scary.
>> 2) new way, the samba server can work as a kaserver, that means the
>> samba can create a afs token for each user ( you need put the key
>> master password on samba tdb)
> There is another more modern variation of the same theme but with krb5.
> Google for kimpersonate.
> ----
> That said, I still would use the clients as AFS clients if possible,
> instead of going through a Samba gateway.
> Harald.
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Thank you all guys for your immediate and precise answers.

Harald, I'll play with kimpersonate with samba's preexec  -once I find 
some "free time"- which seems to do even more than I initially expected, 
and will get back to you with my results once I've finished.

Thank you all again,

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