[OpenAFS] libnss-afs v2.0 released

Adam Megacz adam@megacz.com
Tue, 08 Dec 2009 17:39:49 -0800

I am pleased to announce the availability of libnss-afs v2.0:


This version will return "not found" if nscd is not running.  This
resolves numerous minor issues including some which could cause
extraordinarily long delays when shutting down or rebooting.


A Name Service Switch (NSS) plugin is a shared library used by glibc
to -- among other things -- translate between usernames and numeric
userids and between group names and numeric groupids.

The libnss-afs library is an NSS plugin which answers these queries
using the information stored in the AFS ptserver, avoiding the need to
duplicate (and update) this information in /etc/passwd or LDAP.  The
library also synthesizes the name AfsPag-XXXX for the fake group ids
that are used to represent AFS PAGs.

  - a