[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] Re: Thinking about 1.6

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 18:44:45 -0500

Andrew Deason wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Dec 2009 13:57:47 -0500
> Steven Jenkins <steven.jenkins@gmail.com> wrote:
>> However, the bos configuration for the fileserver changes from
>> non-DAFS to DAFS, so we need to make sure that people know that as
>> part of the upgrade.  If you just replace the binaries and restart,
>> you won't be happy.
>> Tom or Andrew, do you have any suggestions there what we might do to
>> alleviate that (e.g, in code)?
> I would hope that people would at least try out a test fileserver before
> rolling into production for a new major release... but that's only a
> hope.
> We could have the bosserver automatically translate a BosConfig that
> doesn't look DAFS-y into a DAFS-y one, but that would make it impossible
> to use a DAFS bosserver with a non-DAFS fileserver (do we care?).
> What we can do is have it spit out a warning when you try to do that,
> and possibly have it tell you a DAFS-translated BosConfig.
> I don't know; do either of these sound desirable?
> And by 'translate' I mean, just change to the 'dafs' type and add an
> entry for the salvageserver with no arguments; copy all of the other
> existing entries. I think that should be okay.

I would prefer that services not change their configurations without my 
explicit consent. That said, I think that refusing to start with an 
invalid config and printing the correct one to the console and the logs 
is a good idea.