[OpenAFS] Current OpenAFS Backup Recommendations

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:34:18 +0100

Harald Barth wrote:
>> What open source & commercial backup solutions are
>> a) aware of OpenAFS
>> b) can handle autoloaders well
> I don't think that solution exists out of the box.
> The only commercial product I know of is from teradactyl and that fell
> for our needs because of prize and tape library support (I don't know
> if they can share IBM tape libraries with TSM nowadays, their
> "supported libraries" web page is thin). So we did our own script
> thingie based on that all the gory details of tapes are handled by TSM
> and then we only use an own client to archive volume dumps into TSM
> (vos dump ... | tsmpipe ...). At least 5 cells around here use this
> approach.
> Btw, there are folks working on per file backup into TSM as well (as
> IBM dropped oficial support of that years ago - and you needed an AIX
> client).
We have been using the TSM client for 6 months now, and it tends to
work quite well.  There are a few annoying things still there, but I 
hope to have
time to fix them early next year. 

-- Ragge

> Harald.
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