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Kristen J. Webb kwebb@teradactyl.com
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:58:54 -0700

Harald Barth wrote:
>> Any estimates on the costs of Teradactyl's software?
> Much more (> double) than TSM last time I bothered to ask. But that
> was for _our_ setting. Prices for any backup systems can be based on
> any measure that some pointed hair boss has figured out (petabytes,
> tapeslots, cores, clients, moonphases, you-get-my-drift) so you really
> do not know before you have asked and haggled about the price etc etc.
> It's like at the oriental bazaar.

I'm not sure how we'd compare costs with TSM these days since they no longer
support AFS.

Our pricing model is very simple and works best if you have lots of data
to protect. The model is based on processing power not the number of systems
or capacity of backup storage sub-systems.  Most folks get confused because
they are used to dealing with per seat client charges and other nickel and
dime issues with other vendors.

     Three versions of TiBS: For small, medium and large installations.
	All versions are fully compatible and 100% upgradeable.

     Operating System: A Linux license allows you to backup any number of
	Linux systems to your backup server(s).  We support a vast array
	of commercial and open source operating systems on 32 and 64 bit

     Network File System: An AFS license allows you to backup any number of
	cells, file servers and AFS volumes.  TiBS now includes multi-cell
	support for backup to a single TiBS server.

     Server Processes: Instead of per seat client charges, we license the number
	of parallel backup threads.  As a site grows, they simply add threads
	to their servers to support more data.

     Disk: Optional disk library option allows for unlimited disk storage on
	a backup server.  Without this option, backup servers still use disk
	caching to efficiently stage parallel network backups to tape.

     Tape Library:  No additional charges for number of tape devices or tape
	slots on a backup server.  The number of tape libraries you can attach
	does vary by version of TiBS, Basic 1, Lite 2, Full unlimited).
	We support libraries from most, if not all, major manufacturers.
	Library partitioning is common among Teradactyl customers.

     OTM: An option to backup open files on Windows systems is licensed per
	backup server and supports an unlimited number of Windows clients.
	We have some servers that backup hundreds of Windows systems this way.

Many of our customers use our initial software configuration for years w/o
having to purchase additional software from us.  The combination of our software
performance improvements and faster disk/tape/networks over time makes this
possible. All annual maintenance customers receive free software upgrades.

For more information please visit out web site:

>> Would it be an alternative to just use the entire contents of either
>> the underlying ext3 filesystem and backup that via Bacula or create
>> snapshots of the LVs on which the /vicep* partitions reside?
> I think backing up without snapshot functionality is a bad idea as the
> contents will otherwise not be consitent.
> To do a restore, you would need to convince the fileserver/volserver that
> a vos restore has happened under their feet. You could of course for
> every restore start a new server and then vos move the restored contents
> from there. You are moving to untested terrain here.
> Harald.
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