[OpenAFS] On-Access Virus Scanning

Holger Rauch holger.rauch@empic.de
Sat, 19 Dec 2009 18:28:27 +0100

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what solutions would you recommend for on-access virus scanning on an
OpenAFS host acting as a central file server (offering access to home
and other AFS volumes to OpenAFS clients running mostly Windows XP)?

I know that e.g. the Dazuko kernel module can scan "normal" ext3
filesystems and is used by NOD32 (probably also by other virus
scanners). The problem with that module is that there are many
versions floating around on the net and I'm not sure which one to
choose for a Debian Lenny system (arch: x86-64). Besides, I don't have
any experience whether it works well in conjunction with OpenAFS.

The main eason(s) why I'm asking this is that I

a) don't want to/can not rely on the client PCs (running at least Win
   XP with NOD32) having their virus scanner signature constantly up to
   date. (Yes, I know the best would probably be to talk my boss into
   issuing an appropriate policy in writing which forbids user's to
   disable automatic updates to virus scanner signature databases
   and/or disabling the virus scanner completely, but I don't want to
   rely solely on some piece of paper.)
b) I don't want our file server to turn into a "central virus
   exchange" (thus other client PCs accessing the file server may get
   infected by a virus "behind the scenes")
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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