[OpenAFS] Issue report: "invalid argument" with 1.5.68 but not with 1.4.11

Adam Megacz adam@megacz.com
Sun, 20 Dec 2009 19:30:14 -0800

I just upgraded one of my machines to the 1.5.68 client, and I've been
experiencing some mysterious behavior when using git.  The one
reproducible oddity is this:

  $ git clone /afs/megacz.com/debian/openafs/1.5/openafs-debian.git
  Initialize openafs-debian/.git
  Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/openafs-debian/.git/
  error: copy-fd: read returned Invalid argument
  fatal: failed to copy file to openafs-debian/.git/objects/60/ae957b9b417ed139ccc0156ba9eca9542a48a6

Executing the same command on a machine with the 1.4.11 client works
fine.  The directory above is world-readable, so feel free to try (but
I may need to vos_release later this week, so please try soon if you


  - a