[OpenAFS] Problem with OpenAFS on Vista x86

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Thu, 01 Jan 2009 10:25:39 -0500

Paul Accisano wrote:
> Derrick Brashear wrote:
>> fter a reboot, with no VPN.
>>> As for the issue of AFSCreds, I would very much love to ditch it for
>>> Kerberos, but my college's AFS page makes no mention of it; it only 
>>> gives
>>> instructions on how to set up via AFSCreds, so I have no way of 
>>> obtaining
>>> this krb5.ini file, nor do I have any idea what to put for "realm".
>> typically the realm name is the same as the cell name, but not always.
>> if you're willing to tell us which college we can probably help.
> Eh, I was a little worried they wouldn't like me mentioning details, 
> but whatever.  The cell name is cad.njit.edu, but I tried putting that 
> for realm and I got "Cannot resolve network address for KDC in 
> requested realm."  What is KDC, and are you sure NJIT using AFS 
> implies they will be compatible with Kerberos? 

Hi Paul,

I'm CC'ing Kevin Walsh who was the coordinator for the 2008 AFS & 
Kerberos Workshop that was hosted at NJIT.

You're right, I see no reference to Kerberos on the NJIT help pages. 
This suggests that NJIT might be using kaserver, which is deprecated.

I assume that you're using the CellServDB file from 
http://web.njit.edu/all_topics/AFS/CellServDB, which doesn't list 
openafs.org as a cell!! That explains some things.

Paul, please try going to \\afs\uncc.edu in windows explorer and see if 
that works. That cell IS listed in the NJIT CellServDB and I verified 
that the entry is correct.

(Kevin, please ask the right person to add openafs.org to the NJIT