[OpenAFS] Re: interface for vos split

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Thu, 08 Jan 2009 10:51:27 -0800

Forwarding here as well since I think the original message was sent both

"Steven Jenkins" <steven.jenkins@gmail.com> writes:

> # fs getfid /afs/steven.endpoint.com/osd.1/bin.1.4.8-osd.hartmut
> File /afs/steven.endpoint.com/osd.1/bin.1.4.8-osd.hartmut
> (536871265.19.333) contained in volume 536871265
> then
> # /usr/afs/bin/vos split -id osd.1 -newname osd.1.a -dirvnode 19

That's going to be a bit hard to explain to junior staff who aren't really
AFS admins, just people who are supposed to maintain disk space.

> However, there was a discussion some time back that requiring the user
> to know the vnode is cumbersome, and that a better interface would let
> the use specify the relative path from the root of the volume: e.g.,
> # /usr/afs/bin/vos split -id osd.1 -newname osd.1.a -dirname
> bin.1.4.8-osd.hartmut

I'd like this a lot better.

> So some questions on that:
> 1- Is the current user interface undesirable?
> 2- Is the suggested  interface better?
> 3- If the suggested interface is better, how should the interface be
> implemented?  The suggestion I received was to add an RPC to vos;
> would we want that interface exposed (e.g., as a vos command), or
> would it be better to stay as an internal RPC (much as AFSVolForward
> works today)

Why wouldn't vos do the same thing that fs getfid currently does to get
the vnode?

It should, of course, double-check that the directory name given is within
the volume that one is splitting.

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