[OpenAFS] 1.5.57 does not load on Linux 2.4

Axel Reinhold afs@freakout.de
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 13:08:56 +0100

While 1.5.52 did well with Linux 2.4 - since the last four versions 1.5.53 and 1.5.56 was no more compiling.
But 1.5.57 compiles successfully and does not load:

/opt/afs/lib/openafs/libafs-2.4.x-ARX.o: unresolved symbol maybe_lock_kernel
/opt/afs/lib/openafs/libafs-2.4.x-ARX.o: unresolved symbol maybe_unlock_kernel
/opt/afs/lib/openafs/libafs-2.4.x-ARX.o: unresolved symbol vprintf

DOing something wrong?