[OpenAFS] Hang on shutdown with OSX ?

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones@cern.ch
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 19:02:49 +0000

>> Hi,

>> Ah, thats a shame. I was hoping that would help.
>> I don't think it is totally isolated to OSX. My suspicions for AFS  
>> where
>> raised since I have definitely seen it happen on linux boxes.  
>> There, I
>> 'know' it is afs that is causing the hang since I can see the init
>> messages...
> well, you should share those; the thing is, linux, windows and osx are
> the only platforms where we *do* support knowing the network is down
> and thus immediately time out connections

Sure thing. The problem there is this is on linux boxes at work, which  
go down very infrequently and I don't have root access to. I've  
reported it to the sysadmins so they are aware of the problem, but  
there isn't much I can do as a mere user. On my OSX machine though I  
do have root access so it is easier to debug.

One thing though - The network is pretty well always available when I  
shut these machines ? Do you mean when the network has been shutdown,  
or when there is a problem with the network ? I don't think the issue  
is the network is off but AFS hasn't noticed.

cheers Chris