[OpenAFS] getting openafs for linux distro de jour (aka debian)

Kevin Sumner ksumner@email.unc.edu
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 14:35:44 -0500

Hey David,

It will depend on if they're actually running Debian or a Debian variant. 
Debian and Ubuntu both have packagings of OpenAFS in their Apt repositories. 
For basic getting tickets Kerberos 5 tickets and generating tokens (kinit && 
aklog) and poking around AFS, you'll need these packages from the standard 
Debian repositories (on Ubuntu, I think these are in the universe repository, 
but don't quote me on that):


Debian is similar, if not the same as the above packages.  If you need more 
help on packages for site-specific things, you can check `aptitude search afs`. 
  You will also need to build and install a kernel module.  On Debian or Ubuntu:

aptitude install module-assistant
module-assistant prepare openafs-modules
module-assistant -a -i openafs-modules

Kernel modules need to be rebuilt every time you upgrade the kernel.

This is kind of a shotgun-blast that covers the most very basic.  As for using 
OpenAFS on Linux, Debian has made installs much easier.  My two biggest 
complaints are still rebuilding the module for every new minor kernel change 
and afsd blocking or stalling boot when it doesn't have an IP address, 
particularly for laptops, although this last one may have been addressed recently.

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David Bear wrote:
> One of the biggest pains  with openafs is getting it  in an install 
> package for linux -- yes, red hat rpms are available at openafs.org 
> <http://openafs.org> -- but every other year when I update my Suse 
> Desktop, I have to search  for rpm's to get it installed in Suse .. 
> Yes, there are problems with vendors and the way the distribute their 
> linux de jour .... and today that linux is Debian. 
> One of our students bought an eeepc (cute laptop, under 3 points, with a 
> debian variant), wanting to get openafs running. 
> Can anyone tell me where we might find an openafs deb package ??  AND 
> how to make apt-get openafs grab everything needfull for a client 
> install (included the kernel module) work?
> I'm a debian idiot ... BTW, we did find something at debian.org 
> <http://debian.org> that suggested adding a repository to an /etc/apt... 
> forgot the name -- but it didn't work. 
> Sorry this is a half rant... I just hate how much work it is to use 
> openafs on linux..
> -- 
> David Bear
> College of Public Programs at ASU
> 602-464-0424