[OpenAFS] Tokens and screen under linux

Robbert Eggermont R.Eggermont@tudelft.nl
Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:23:55 +0200

Lars Schimmer wrote:
> One of our users try to run a job longer than usual tokens runtime.
> Keeping a ssh open for that long time is not wanted.
> We use a Win 2003 AD server as a krb5 KDC and krenew just hits
> "krenew: error renewing credentials: KDC can't fulfill requested option".

Do you use winbind?
Do you have a valid /etc/krb5.conf with kdc entries and renew_lifetime

> And if I login as user, hit a screen command, the screen process has
> ticket/tokens like login user. I can detach and reattach screen like
> usual. But if I detach screen and logoff, ticket/tokens for the running
> screen are lost.

krenew uses it's own (unique) ticket cache so it should be safe from



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