[OpenAFS] running out of inodes on OpenAFS file-server

Vladimir Konrad v.konrad@lse.ac.uk
Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:53:44 +0100


One of my servers is running out of inodes on /vicep?? partition...

Is it safe to:

1. shut down the OpenAFS file-server in question.
2. copy the content of /vicep?? partition somewhere safe
3. re-create ext3 file-system on the affected partition
   with better settings (for inodes)
4. copy the content of /vicep?? partition back
5. start the fileserver

I vaguely remember that the file-server needs inode numbers to get to the files on /vicep??,
and these would obviously change when doing the above. Or the inode numbers are scanned on
file-server start-up (so the above would not break anything)?

Other option comes to mind: move all the volumes (stored on the partition)
to a different /vicep?? partition (using vos move), shut down the file-server,
re-create the ext3 file-system with better settings, move the volumes back,
start the file-server.

This is on Debian GNU Linux, with OpenAFS file-server 1.4.2 .

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