[OpenAFS] XP SP3 Access denied error.

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:05:49 -0400

You should confirm the drive mapping.  If it is pointing to \\AFS\all
and Freelance mode is in use there should be no access restrictions.
If the drive is mapped to a path somewhere else in the name space then
obvious access checks must be performed.  Obviously you should check
to make sure the user actually has AFS tokens.

To obtain a log of what the cache manager is seeing:

 1. "fs trace -on"
 2. attempt to access the mapped drive or somewhere else in \\AFS
 3. "fs trace -dump -off"
 4. examine the %windir%\temp\afsd.log file.

The log file contains the incoming requests and all of the operations
that are performed in order to complete it.

There is a section on debugging in the release notes that are installed
on the machine along with OpenAFS.

The recommended OpenAFS version is 1.5.60 and the Microsoft Hot Fix
listed on http://www.openafs.org/windows.html should be installed.

Jeffrey Altman

Steve Devine wrote:
> I have a user on campus who just bought a handful of Dell Precision P3400's
> with Intel Q6600 processor.
> She can install the client no problem and upon reboot she can get tokens
> and map drives with no error. When she clicks on the mapped drive in My
> Computer she gets an "Access denied" error.
> This user has been running the XP OpenAFS client for several years and
> is no stranger to its operations.
> I have very little Windows experience - any suggestion I can give her.
> Useful debug tools?
> Also has anyone on this list installed the most recent client on a Dell
> Precision P3400?
> Thanks
> /sd
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