[OpenAFS] script to compare vos listvldb and vos listvol?

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Sat, 25 Jul 2009 19:14:23 -0400

Michael Meffie wrote:
> Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Someone emailed a script to me that would compare the output of vos 
>> listvldb and vos listvol for all of the volumes in a cell.
>> I seem to have lost that script and the email that contained it.
>> Would someone please email the script to me again?
> Hello Jason,
> I have such a script here,
>   http://openafs.sinenomine.net/downloads/afs-tools/
> The script is called afs-audit-volumes, and has an
> accompanying man page.  Any feedback would be appreciated.
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the script! This is very useful.

I had a little bit of trouble decipering the following message:
fatal: vldb missing id. ok at ../afs-audit-volumes line 455, <LISTVLDB> 
line 5616.

but I figured out that there's an IP address in vldb that doesn't 
resolve and won't ping. A more descriptive error message would be 
useful. It would also be useful if this error wasn't fatal. I got past 
the error by removing the appropriate line in the listvldb file.

The documentation is great. I found a minor problem with the for loop in 
the docs:
     for $s in `cat myservers`

should be:
     for s in `cat myservers`

I suggest adding "use Carp;" at the top and replacing the "die" calls 
with "croak" as is good practice according to the _Perl Best Practices_ 
book published by O'Reilly.

I found several issues that I can address including some some 
discrepancies between vos listvldb and vos listvol and the previously 
mentioned RO on a non-existent server.

Do you plan to submit this for addition in the openafs suite?