[OpenAFS] Kmail issues on OpenAFS.

Caskey Dickson caskey@technocage.com
Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:12:28 -0700

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Vishnu Ram <vrvlist@gmail.com> writes:
>> Kmail uses "maildir" format. Is there any issues with "maildir" on
>> "OpenAFS"?
> The maildir protocol uses cross-directory hard links, which AFS doesn't
> support.  You have to relax the protocol to stop using cross-directory
> hard links to use it in AFS.

I patched the qmail delivery system to treat the cross-device error returned by
link as an indication to call rename() instead of link()/unlink().  It works
well in my environment, but does require that you patch any program that
delivers to a maildir.