[OpenAFS] TSM backup client

Anders Magnusson ragge@ltu.se
Fri, 05 Jun 2009 14:06:30 +0200

So, at last the TSM client I have written is available.  It can be fetched
from /afs/ltu.se/misc/tsmafs/tsmafs-0.1.tgz for anyone that is interested.

Simple overview:
The backup client works by talking directly to the file server(s) and 
fetch files
out of afs, and then put them into tsm as separate objects (as other tsm 
clients do).  In this way it works with the usual policies setup for tsm 
storage time, object counts etc.
Backups are done volume-wise.  Mountpoints and ACLs are stored as they
should be.  Volumes are checked if changed before traversing them, which
speed up the process significantly.

The restore client works but should need a facelift.  Currently it just 
files and directories without possibility to change time or so.  Do do more
advanced restore stuff, use dsmc, it can restore files backed up from afs
(but no acls or so then).

The only "flaw" is that the TSM API cannot handle names with ? or * in it,
so I do a little name mangling here: \ -> \\, * -> \# and ? -? \!.  This 
easily be converted back via the restore client, but not yet added.


-- Ragge