[OpenAFS] error on vos release

Markus Köberl spsc-sysadmin@mlist.tugraz.at
Thu, 11 Jun 2009 19:53:23 +0200

vos release prj -verbose

    RWrite: 536873899     ROnly: 536873900     Backup: 536873901 
    number of sites -> 3
       server julius.spsc.tugraz.at partition /vicepb RW Site 
       server cleopatra.spsc.tugraz.at partition /vicepa RO Site 
       server julius.spsc.tugraz.at partition /vicepb RO Site  -- Not released
This is a complete release of volume 536873899
Cloning RW volume 536873899 to permanent RO...Failed to clone the RW volume 
: Invalid cross-device link
Error in vos release command.
: Invalid cross-device link

vos releas on other volumes on the same server works fine.
Im running a debian etch amd64 openafs-fileserver 1.4.10+dfsg1-1~bpo40+1
Any ideas what could be happening here?

Markus Köberl
Graz University of Technology
Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory
E-mail: markus.koeberl@tugraz.at