[OpenAFS] Debugging AFS sluggishness on MacOS 10.5.7?

ENEM | Hans Melgers hans@enem.nl
Mon, 29 Jun 2009 18:20:06 +0200

My 2 cents: I had similar problems in 10.5.6, turned out to be a very slow =
and/or faulty DNS service. Maybe worthwhile to check.

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Samuel Bayer wrote:

> -memcache improves the situation considerably. Time is now 20sec real 
> for AFS copy, 13sec for scp or NFS copy. That's ballpark enough for me.
> Is there a reason -memcache isn't a default setting for afsd?

Perhaps answering my own question: the Leopard Finder doesn't seem to 
reflect the changes in the file system completely. I saved some files to 
an AFS directory, and I can see all of them using "ls" in the Terminal, 
but only some of them in the Finder.

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