[OpenAFS] Debugging AFS sluggishness on MacOS 10.5.7?

Samuel Bayer sam@mitre.org
Tue, 30 Jun 2009 10:24:32 -0400

Felix Frank wrote:
>> Another tidbit that is either hopelessly banal because I don't 
>> understand how AFS works, or really important: WRITING to the same AFS 
>> directory works fine. I copy the file from the directory to my local 
>> disk and it takes 4 minutes; I delete the file from the remote disk and 
>> write it there from my local disk and it takes 30 seconds.
> Just a side remark: If the file is smaller than your cache, then this is 
> probably the cache manager writing to the cache, which is supposed to be 
> fast. I'd expect a rather sharp corner in the write performance curve as 
> soon as your amount of data surpasses disk cache size.

Thanks, but this appears not to be the problem. My cache is 30MB, and 
the file I'm exchanging is 70MB. I'm watching the copy progress in the 
Finder, and it doesn't appear to slow down appreciably when it hits the 
halfway mark.