[OpenAFS] afs-newcell fail: Couldn't get CPS for AnyUser

Xiong Jiang linuster@gmail.com
Fri, 1 May 2009 05:27:48 -0700

Hi there,

I am installing OpenAFS on ubuntu karmic following the doc at:

The OpenAFS version is 1.4.9.dfsg1-0+ubuntu3

I got error when running afs-newcell:
bos setrestart mytv.home -time never -general -localauth
Waiting for database elections: done.
vos create mytv.home a root.afs -localauth
vos : partition a does not exist on the server
Failed: 65280

Cell setup failed, ABORTING

and in /var/log/openafs/FileLog there is error:
Fri May  1 04:59:13 2009 File server starting
Fri May  1 04:59:13 2009 afs_krb_get_lrealm failed, using mytv.home.
Fri May  1 04:59:13 2009 Couldn't get CPS for AnyUser, will try again in 30
seconds; code=267275.

I verified that no partition is created by fileserver. How to
troubleshoot the error "Couldn't get CPS for AnyUser..."

Any hint is appreciated.