[OpenAFS] PTS sadness

Brian Gallew geek+afs@cmu.edu
Tue, 26 May 2009 09:02:57 +0300

Esther Filderman wrote:
> Let this be a lesson to you to BACK UP YOUR PTS DB.  It's trivial to
> write a little shell script that makes sure a db server isn't a
> sync-site, shut down the ptserver (probably not really needed but I'm
> paranoid), and copy the db files and use pt_util to write it out to a
> file.  It'll take moments to run.  (then restart your ptserver, of
> course).
Oh, I already *do* backup up my PTS DB.  But if the corruption pre-dates
the earliest copy on tape, then it's ... not so helpful.  And
considering that pt_util seems to be somewhat problematic I think I'm
more likely to use "pts listentries ..." combined with "pts examine" to
get all the interesting information squirreled away since I can use that
to actually re-create the data.

I think the real lesson here is "not only should you back up your PTS
database, you should also have a health check that runs at something
approaching backup frequency so you know when it's time to pull out your