[OpenAFS] PTS sadness

Brian Gallew geek@cmu.edu
Mon, 25 May 2009 14:23:19 +0300

Brian Gallew wrote:
> 1) use pt_util to dump user, group, and membership information this way:
> for d in user group members;do pt_util -$d -name -xtra -datafile pts-$d;
> done
> 2) shut down ptserver on all of my DB servers
> 3) delete the PTS database on all of my DB servers
> 4) On the master server, use pt_util to re-create everything
> for d in user group members;do pt_util -w -datafile pts-$d; done
> 5) restart ptserver on the master server, wait until it elects itself as
> the sync site.
> 6) restart ptserver on the other DB servers, waiting after each start
> for quorum to settle before starting the next one.
> Comments?  Questions?  General laughter and pointing?

Sigh.  So, immediately after sending this out it occurred to me that I
could create a brandy-new PTS database in a random file name just to
figure out what's good and bad.  Immediately, problems occur.

First of all, while loading the users, all of the cross-realm principals
are rejected.  That's ... non-optimal.

Secondly, creating the groups yields a e.g. "Error while creating
adv:friends: User or group doesn't exist" error for each group. 
Examining the created PTS database indicates that all of the groups are
there, however.

Thirdly, while running the group membership file (and ignoring the
errors about the groups already existing), it turns out that a lot of my
users aren't in the user file.  That's probably traceable to the errors
in the PTS database to begin with, but it's still troubling.

Finally, prdb_check claims the new database has more problems than the
original, and that's a show-stopper.  I'm now at a loss for future