[OpenAFS] sgi_65: anyone still using inode fileserver?

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Sat, 3 Oct 2009 13:52:10 -0800

>> ... From a conversation with the one other person I've found on this
>> list who (still) runs openafs on IRIX ...
> We still run OpenAFS on ONE IRIX client.
> The only reason to run it as server might be some MR-AFS functionality
> together with DMF, but aside from that I wonder oh why oh why run a
> server on IRIX?
> Harald.

True.  I just like the hardware for aesthetic and historical reasons.  And =
I have it already, so no additional investment is required.

But that's a non sequitur.  I realize that the docs list the sgi_65 server =
as =22untested.=22  Well, I'm testing it.  And I've discovered a few =
things, but don't want to be presumptuous about my findings.  I would =
prefer to discuss them with others who have also tested and/or built the =
sgi_65 server side of things, then come up with some recommendations / bug =
reports / etc.  I would think that the afs community would want to make =
binary releases of current releases as functional as possible, and am =
happy to contribute to that end.


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