[OpenAFS] Need help: Tokens stop working

Daniel Richard G. danielg@teragram.com
Thu, 8 Oct 2009 16:37:33 -0400

Hello list,

I'm trying to diagnose a problem that's been plaguing some of our users here.

The behavior: AFS access stops working, well in advance of the Kerberos 
authentication expiring. Sometimes, only certain files become inaccessible; 
other times, it's as though "unlog" had been run. However, tokens(1) 
consistently shows that the user still has a token, valid or otherwise.

Often, running "unlog; aklog" corrects the hiccup. Sometimes, this has to be 
run two or three times in a row to have the desired effect.

I'd like to ask if anyone has an idea what might be causing this, and 
otherwise, what tools/commands I could use to see what's going on with the 
token. (Obviously, "aklog -d" isn't of much help here.)

The server is 1.4.7 on Debian Lenny; clients are 1.4.9 on Ubuntu Jaunty.


Daniel Richard G. || danielg@teragram.com || Software Developer
Teragram Linguistic Technologies (a division of SAS)