[OpenAFS] The removal of afscreds.exe and afs_config.exe on Windows Vista and Windows 7: Seeking Opinions

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Fri, 09 Oct 2009 19:13:44 -0400

David Bear wrote:
>     In NetIdMgr v2 each identity can be assigned its own icon.  Both Asanka
>     and I believe it may make sense to show the identity icons in the
>     notification area as an indication that the credentials have been
>     obtained.  What do people think of that idea?
> We decided to make KfW part of the afs install about a year ago. There
> are many advantages to it.
> I'm not sure what the 'notification area' is but it would be nice to
> have some quick / visual way to make sure you have afs tokens. 

The notification area of the Windows task bar is typically the bottom
right portion of the desktop.  It is where afscreds displays a lock and
NetIdMgr displays the cube with a shadow of a person, a red cube, or an
empty cube depending upon the credential state.

> The only other thing I miss from afscreds is the version number for afs.
> I don't see where this is easily available -- elsewhere, not even in the
> control panel applet.

>From NetIdMgr view Options->Plugins and select AFSCred.
When the MMC is available for client configuration you can see the
version there as well.

Another option is viewing the file version of any of the executables
in the explorer shell.  Or "rxdebug localhost 7001 -ver" from the
command line.

The \\AFS server also exports the version info in its properties:

	[C:\]net view \\afs
	Shared resources at \\afs


	Share name                  Type  Used as  Comment

> as far as mapping drives... we don't need no stinking mapped drives --
> educate the world on using UNC's!

While that is my preference many sites are still more comfortable with
drive letter mappings.

Jeffrey Altman