[OpenAFS] Troubles with multihomed, nat'ed file server.

Scott Peshak scott@sourceallies.com
Fri, 16 Oct 2009 14:53:30 -0500 (CDT)

I've got a file server that is behind a nat and is also multihomed that is no longer working from outside the nat.  It was working fine outside for a long while, though we're not sure when it stopped (It gets very light use externally).

The server's NetInfo looks like this:
f 67.224.XX.XX

A vos listaddr shows only the 192.168 addresses (and each is on its own line, though the docs make it sound like multihomed machines should have all address on the same line)  On a whim I tried to nuke sysid and restart the fs process (thinking that by doing that it might update the vldb with all the addresses.) All this managed to do was break the fileserver with the following log messages:
Fri Oct 16 12:10:40 2009 Creating new SysID file
Fri Oct 16 12:10:40 2009 VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed; The IP address exists on a different server; repair it

I created a test volume on the server and manually did a vos changeloc to have it listed on the public interface.  I can access that volume from the outside world just fine, but internal access is broken.  vos listaddr still lists only the internal addresses.

I know this is possible, what am I doing wrong?