[OpenAFS] The removal of afscreds.exe and afs_config.exe on Windows Vista and Windows 7: Seeking Opinions

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@secure-endpoints.com
Mon, 19 Oct 2009 14:53:21 -0400

Anders Magnusson wrote:
> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>> Anders Magnusson wrote:
>>> Exactly.  It's much easier to ask whether people see a padlock without a
>>> red cross
>>> than asking them to open the NetIdMgr and look for AFS credentials.
>> This confirms the idea that the NetIdMgr OpenAFS provider requires a
>> notification icon of its own.
> Yes, that would be really good.

Asanka Herath has implemented the desired functionality for the OpenAFS
Network Identity Manager credential provider.  Starting with the next
release, in addition to the NIM notification icon the AFS notification
icon will also be generated and will provide feedback for four states:

- No tokens: indicated by a padlock with a bright red 'X' beside

- At least one valid token: indicated by a normal padlock.

- Service is not running: indicated by a grayed out padlock with
  a black square beside it.

- Service error: indicated by a padlock broken in half.

The 'Service error' state means that the OpenAFS client service
is technically running (as reported by Windows), but is not
responding to requests.

In addition to the icon, hovering the mouse cursor over the icon
will show details about the current state (such as the list of
cells for which valid tokens exist) and the version of OpenAFS
running on the machine.

Jeffrey Altman